NEW BOOK: Protecting the Environment, Privately — including mining offsets in NSW

prtecting the environment privatelyEditor(s): Jef­frey Bennett

Title: Pro­tect­ing the Envi­ron­ment, Privately

Year: 2015

Pages: 380 pages

Pub­li­ca­tion type: book

Lan­guage: English


Chap­ter 15 of this book is ded­i­cated to bio­di­ver­sity off­sets in min­ing in Aus­tralia: Robert Gille­spie (2015) Min­ing Off­sets in NSW. Pro­tect­ing the Envi­ron­ment, Pri­vately: pp. 313–334.


Most vol­umes in the envi­ron­men­tal eco­nom­ics lit­er­a­ture con­sider the envi­ron­ment to be a pub­lic good and hence write out a role for the pri­vate sec­tor in a source of sup­ply. Yet there is ample evi­dence of the pri­vate sec­tor being involved, dri­ven both by profit and altru­ism. This book pro­vides the nec­es­sary con­cep­tual base for the inclu­sion of the pri­vate sec­tor in the envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion sup­ply equa­tion and deliver an exten­sive set of exam­ples in a wide range of con­texts. In an eco­nomic cli­mate where gov­ern­ments are attempt­ing to reduce expen­di­tures, the increased role for the pri­vate sec­tor will be read­ily embraced by pol­icy makers.

The aim of the book is to estab­lish the prin­ci­ples of mar­kets in the pro­vi­sion of envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion and to pro­vide an exten­sive experience-based set of con­texts in which the pri­vate sec­tor has acted to enhance the sup­ply of envi­ron­men­tal goods and ser­vices. These con­texts include both pure-private sec­tor ini­tia­tives in ter­res­trial, aquatic and marine ecosys­tems and public-private sec­tor ‘joint ini­tia­tives’ such as pay­ment for envi­ron­men­tal ser­vices (PES) schemes.

Sam­ple Chapter(s)
Chap­ter 1: The Prin­ci­ples and Prac­tice of Pro­tect­ing the Envi­ron­ment Pri­vately (127 KB)


  • The Prin­ci­ples and Prac­tice of Pro­tect­ing the Envi­ron­ment Pri­vately (Jeff Ben­nett)
  • Dynamic Ecol­ogy and Dynamic Mar­kets: The Role of Envi­ron­men­tal Entre­pre­neurs (Terry L Ander­son and Lawrence R Watson)
  • Pro­tected Areas: Pub­lic, Pri­vate or Part­ner­ships (Jeff Ben­nett)
  • Pro­mot­ing Green Growth in Fish­eries (R Quentin Grafton, Kath­leen Segerson and Dale Squires)
  • Mar­kets for Bio­di­ver­sity (Michael’t Sas-Rolfes)
  • Non-Government Pro­vi­sion of Envi­ron­men­tal Water: A Case from the Murray–Darling Basin (Sue O’Keefe and Lin Crase)
  • Pri­vate Sec­tor Pro­tec­tion of Cul­tural Her­itage (Ken Willis)
  • Can Food Mar­kets Result in Envi­ron­men­tal Ben­e­fits? (Wendy Umberger, Sven Anders and Ellen Goddard)
  • Pay­ments for Envi­ron­men­tal Ser­vices (PES) Schemes (Gabriela Scheufele)
  • Explor­ing Pri­vate Roles in Envi­ron­men­tal Water­ing in Aus­tralia and the US (Dustin Gar­rick and Erin O’Donnell)
  • Addi­tional Par­ties in Envi­ron­men­tal Mar­kets: Moti­va­tion, Oper­a­tion and Future (Anthea Cog­gan)
  • Using Auc­tions for Con­ser­va­tion: The Aus­tralian Expe­ri­ence (John Rolfe)
  • Agri-Environmental Schemes in Europe: Switch­ing to Col­lec­tive Action (Laure Kuh­fuss, Philippe Le Coent, Raphaële Préget and Sophie Thoyer)
  • The Role of Firms in Reduc­ing Green­house Gas Emis­sions from Defor­esta­tion (Luca Tac­coni)
  • Min­ing Off­sets in NSW (Robert Gille­spie)
  • Water Qual­ity Trad­ing (Suzie Green­halgh and Mindy Selman)

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