PROs and CONs: controversial discussion on Biodiversity Offsets

There is a con­tro­ver­sial dis­cus­sion on Bio­di­ver­sity Off­sets (in the­ory and in prac­tice) ongo­ing. This page will give room to the dif­fer­ent opin­ions and argu­ments. This means that both PROs and CONs for bio­di­ver­sity off­sets will be included. If you feel that some impor­tant arti­cles or thoughts are miss­ing please con­tact me. You can do that here.

As always, you can also com­ment to any post or start a dis­cus­sion on the open dis­cus­sion plat­form.

SHORT INFO: Loi sur la biodiversité : « Ne tirez plus sur l’ambulance ! » (French biodiversity law)

What’s it about in short: Harold Lev­rel and Anne Teyssè­dre com­ment on the par­la­men­tary debate and news report­ing about the new French bio­di­ver­sity law When was it released: Feb­ru­ary 1, 2016 By whom: Harold Lev­rel and Anne Teyssè­dre, le monde More info: … Con­tinue read­ing

SHORT INFO: Biodiversity offsetting – learning from success and failure

What’s it about in short: Can bio­di­ver­sity off­set­ting really help us com­pen­sate for envi­ron­men­tal dam­age caused by devel­op­ment, or is it just a licence to trash? Fauna & Flora International’s David Marsh looks at some of the lessons we have learned … Con­tinue read­ing

Follow up on Biodiversity offsetting public forum in the Niagara region (Canada)

I had announced the pub­lic forum on bio­di­ver­sity off­set­ting in the Nia­gara region (Canada) yes­ter­day. If you could not par­tic­i­pate and are nev­er­the­less inter­ested in the results, have a look at the youtube video and see also some pho­tos on … Con­tinue read­ing

SHORT INFO: The best things are achieved by banking your offsets, not just trading them

What’s it about in short: com­ment on the recent mem­o­ran­dum of the US pres­i­dent on impact mit­i­ga­tion (includ­ing mit­i­ga­tion bank­ing) in the United States When was it released: Novem­ber 15, 2015 By whom: Jemma Pene­lope More info: … Con­tinue read­ing

SHORT INFO: Biodiversity offsets — a balancing act

What’s it about in short: Steve Edwards of IUCN’s Busi­ness and Bio­di­ver­sity Pro­gramme explains how gov­ern­ment and busi­ness are look­ing at ways to com­pen­sate for the impacts of devel­op­ment on bio­di­ver­sity. When was it released: Jan­u­ary 15, 2015 By whom: IUCN More … Con­tinue read­ing

SHORT INFO: The pros and cons of biodiversity offsets

What’s it about in short: arti­cle based on an inter­view with Ariel Brun­ner (BirdLife Europe) on the pros and cons of bio­di­ver­sity off­sets When was it released: Sep­tem­ber 7, 2015 By whom: IUCN More info: … Con­tinue read­ing

Offsetting biodiversity losses — a guest post by Marie Brown

This is a guest post on behalf of Marie Brown, Senior Pol­icy Ana­lyst for Envi­ron­men­tal Defense Soci­ety (EDS), spe­cial­iz­ing in bio­di­ver­sity pol­icy. The text by Veronika Meduna (from Radio New Zealand National) was based on a radio inter­view with Marie … Con­tinue read­ing

NEW ARTICLE: Biodiversity offsetting and conservation: reframing nature to save it

Author(s): Evan­gelia Apos­tolopoulou and William M. Adams Title: Bio­di­ver­sity off­set­ting and con­ser­va­tion: refram­ing nature to save it Year: 2015 In: Oryx, Pub­lished online: 06 Octo­ber 2015 Pages: 9 pages Pub­li­ca­tion type: jour­nal arti­cle Lan­guage: Eng­lish Source: … Con­tinue read­ing

SHORT INFO — Biodiversity offsetting: challenges in theory and practice — talk by Prof EJ Milner-Gulland

What’s it about in short: sem­i­nar and talk by Prof EJ Milner-Gulland on bio­di­ver­sity off­set­ting at Swansea Uni­ver­sity (UK), April 23, 2015 When was it released: April 22, 2015 By whom: Luca Borger More info: … Con­tinue read­ing

SHORT INFO — Is “biodiversity offsetting” really protecting ecosystems? (LinkedIn discussion)

What’s it about in short: lively LinkedIn dis­cus­sion (~30 com­ments) on the impact and effec­tive­ness of bio­di­ver­sity off­sets When was it released: August, 2015 By whom: Gor­don Ger­b­itz More info:–6031468076283752449 … Con­tinue read­ing