“SHORT INFO” — New post category on the Biodiversity Offsets Blog

short infoThe world of bio­di­ver­sity off­sets is turn­ing faster and faster — at least that’s what it feels like for me: there’s such a lot of infor­ma­tion already out there and increas­ingly new bits are being added to the giant puz­zle of knowl­edge. Now that sounds a bit pathetic, but you get what I mean.

With the capac­ity that I can ded­i­cate to the blog being lim­ited, I won­dered how to face this grow­ing amount of infor­ma­tion and decided to cre­ate a new post cat­e­gory that is likely to become the most fre­quent for­mat on the blog: the “SHORT INFO”.

Every­thing about these posts is meant to be short: smaller pic­ture (if any) and very brief descrip­tion, with­out com­ment or con­text as for my usual posts. They fol­low the same struc­ture and pro­vide some basic infor­ma­tion on my online finds:

  • What’s it about in short?
  • When was it released?
  • By whom?
  • More info (where’s it accessible?)
  • (and pos­si­bly a short extract from the website)

Hope­fully, with this new tool I can share an even greater wealth of infor­ma­tion with you  as I come across it (and pre­vent news being buried in my “planned posts” list).

What do you think about this new for­mat? Like it or not? Use­ful or not the right for­mat? Please tell me what you think and leave a reply! (Oh, and see the first exam­ple here!)


“SHORT INFO” — New post category on the Biodiversity Offsets Blog — 1 Comment

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