Policy Development for Environmental Licensing and Biodiversity Offsets in Latin America — new paper by Villarroya, Barros and Kiesecker

Ana Vil­lar­roya, Ana Christina Bar­ros and Joe Kiesecker have pub­lished a new paper on “Pol­icy Devel­op­ment for Envi­ron­men­tal Licens­ing and Bio­di­ver­sity Off­sets in Latin Amer­ica” in PLOS ONE. You can access the full paper here  (open access) and find the abstract copied … Con­tinue read­ing

Great Apes and Biodiversity Offset Projects in Africa: The Case for National Offset Strategies — new paper by Kormos et al

Rebecca Kor­mos, Cyril F. Kor­mos, Tatyana Humle, Annette Lan­jouw, Helga Rainer, Ray Vic­turine, A. Mit­ter­meier, Anthony B. Rylands, Mamadou S. Diallo and Eliz­a­beth A. Williamson have pub­lished a new paper on “Great Apes and Bio­di­ver­sity Off­set Projects in Africa: The Case for National Off­set Strate­gies” in Meth­ods … Con­tinue read­ing

Review of the Taninthayi Nature Reserve Project as a conservation model in Myanmar — new report by Pollard, Hlaing and Pilgrim

UK-based con­sul­tancy “The Bio­di­ver­sity Con­sul­tancy” (TBC) has pub­lished a report enti­tled “Review of the Taninthayi Nature Reserve Project as a con­ser­va­tion model in Myan­mar” (authors: E. H. B. Pol­lard, Soe Win Hlaing and J. D. Pil­grim). The study was com­mis­sioned … Con­tinue read­ing

Biodiversity a-z — online glossaries launched by UNEP

UNEP World Con­ser­va­tion Mon­i­tor­ing Cen­tre (UNEP-WCMC) has launched a new and improved A-Z of Bio­di­ver­sity. This is a clus­ter of online glos­saries about bio­di­ver­sity. Thanks to Eward Pol­lard for point­ing to this. Try it out here and find some more … Con­tinue read­ing

Is the ecosystem service concept improving impact assessment? Evidence from recent international practice — new paper by Sales Rosa and Sánchez

Josianne Clau­dia Sales Rosa and Luis E. Sánchez  have pub­lished a new paper on “Is the ecosys­tem ser­vice con­cept improv­ing impact assess­ment? Evi­dence from recent inter­na­tional prac­tice” in Envi­ron­men­tal Impact Assess­ment Review (Vol­ume 50, Jan­u­ary 2015, Pages 134–142). You can … Con­tinue read­ing

Mining and biodiversity offsets: A transparent and science-based approach to measure “no-net-loss” — new paper by Virah-Sawmy, Ebel­ing and Taplin

Malika Virah-Sawmy, Johannes Ebel­ing and Roslyn Taplin have pub­lished a new paper on “Min­ing and bio­di­ver­sity off­sets: A trans­par­ent and science-based approach to mea­sure “no-net-loss” in Jour­nal of Envi­ron­men­tal Man­age­ment (Vol­ume 143, 1 Octo­ber 2014, Pages 61–70). Read more here and … Con­tinue read­ing

Weaving Ecosystem Services into Impact Assessment — a report by World Resources Institute

This report intro­duces the Ecosys­tem Ser­vices Review for Impact Assess­ment (ESR for IA), a six step method to address project impacts and depen­den­cies on ecosys­tem ser­vices as part of the envi­ron­men­tal and social impact assess­ment process. The steps build on … Con­tinue read­ing

PhD study on the application of biodiversity offsets in France: Les mesures compensatoires pour la biodiversité. Conception et perspectives d’application

Bap­tiste Reg­n­ery has pre­pared a PhD study at Uni­ver­sité Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris on the appli­ca­tion of bio­di­ver­sity off­sets in France in 2013. It is enti­tled “Les mesures com­pen­satoires pour la bio­di­ver­sité. Con­cep­tion et per­spec­tives d’application” (in French lan­guage). … Con­tinue read­ing


Ana Vil­lar­roya Bal­larin has pre­pared a PhD study focus­ing on envi­ron­men­tal impact assess­ment and bio­di­ver­sity off­sets in Spain at the fac­ulty of sci­ences at Uni­ver­sity of Navarra. The work is enti­tled “ECOLOGICAL COMPENSATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT IN SPAIN: CURRENT … Con­tinue read­ing

Getting Biodiversity Offsets Right — A Research Agenda for Canada (Policy brief)

A recent pol­icy brief (Octo­ber 2014) has been pre­pared by Sus­tain­able Pros­per­ity on bio­di­ver­sity off­sets in the Cana­dian con­text. See the pdf of the pol­icy brief here and the key mes­sages below. Agenda for Bio­di­ver­sity Off­sets in Canada_Policy brief_Oct 2014 … Con­tinue read­ing