SHORT INFO — NSW Election 2015: Baird biodiversity offsets plan endangered under Labour

What’s it about in short: arti­cle on bio­di­ver­sity off­sets and pol­icy change (?) in New South Wales, Aus­tralia When was it released: March 6, 2015 By whom: Peter Han­nam, The Syd­ney Morn­ing Her­ald More info: … Con­tinue read­ing

IUCN public consultation: IUCN seeks input on draft Biodiversity Offsets Policy

Some time ago IUCN launched its Draft Bio­di­ver­sity Off­sets Pol­icy for pub­lic con­sul­ta­tion and com­ments. Shar­ing this with you is on my to-do-list for quite a while and time is run­ning. Before it’s too late (appar­ently the con­sul­ta­tion web­site still … Con­tinue read­ing

SHORT INFO — Understanding The Basics Of Mitigation Banking

What’s it about in short: arti­cle explain­ing (US) mit­i­ga­tion bank­ing When was it released: n.a. By whom: Vikram Jhawar More info: … Con­tinue read­ing

SHORT INFO — Este paisaje también puede ser un banco

What’s it about in short: arti­cle on the intro­duc­tion of habi­tat bank­ing in Spain (in Span­ish) When was it released: April 21, 2015 By whom: Sara Acosta (Cinco Días) More info: … Con­tinue read­ing

BBOP webinar next Thursday, July 30, 2015: The Impacts of Biodiversity Offsets on Protected Areas

There’s another BBOP webi­nar upcom­ing for next week, Thurs­day, July 30. This time the topic is: “The Impacts of Bio­di­ver­sity Off­sets on Pro­tected Areas”. Leon Ben­nun of The Bio­di­ver­sity Con­sul­tancy asks under what cir­cum­stances, and sub­ject to what con­di­tions, are pro­tected … Con­tinue read­ing

KEY ISSUES IN BIODIVERSITY OFFSET LAW AND POLICY. A Comparison of Six Jurisdictions — new report by Dave Poulton

Some time ago I have been asked by Dave Poul­ton to review a chap­ter on bio­di­ver­sity off­sets under the Ger­man Impact Mit­i­ga­tion Reg­u­la­tion. So I am more than happy to inform you that Dave’s report enti­tled “KEY ISSUES IN BIODIVERSITY OFFSET … Con­tinue read­ing

Peru develops a framework for No Net Loss

The Gov­ern­ment of Peru has been devel­op­ing a national frame­work for No Net Loss of bio­di­ver­sity, which cul­mi­nated in the release of a Min­is­te­r­ial Res­o­lu­tion on bio­di­ver­sity com­pen­sa­tion dur­ing the UNFCCC dur­ing the COP20 in Decem­ber 2014 in Lima. The … Con­tinue read­ing

World Bank Environmental and Social Safeguards Review update

Phase 2 of the World Bank envi­ron­men­tal and social safe­guards review closed on 1 March, 2015. More than 2,500 pages of feed­back were received from the pub­lic con­sul­ta­tion on the first draft frame­work of the Bank’s social safe­guard poli­cies. Under … Con­tinue read­ing

Biodiversity Law (including biodiversity offsets) under Development in France

French bio­di­ver­sity pol­icy has been evolv­ing and strength­en­ing since 1976, when the “Law on Nature Pro­tec­tion”, pro­vided the first men­tion of the mit­i­ga­tion hier­ar­chy and stip­u­lated that all devel­op­ments required an EIA. More recent guid­ance on the mit­i­ga­tion hier­ar­chy pub­lished by … Con­tinue read­ing

Third State of Natural Capital Report from England’s Natural Capital Committee

On 27 Jan­u­ary 2015, England’s Nat­ural Cap­i­tal Com­mit­tee (NCC) pub­lished its third State of Nat­ural Cap­i­tal Report. The NCC’s man­date is to “advise the Gov­ern­ment on how to ensure England’s ‘nat­ural wealth’ is man­aged effi­ciently and sus­tain­ably, thereby unlock­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties … Con­tinue read­ing