Presentations by Marianne Darbi on Biodiversity Offsets and Impact Mitigation

Here are some pre­sen­ta­tions that I have given since 2008 in the field of bio­di­ver­sity off­sets and impact mit­i­ga­tion. Most of them are Eng­lish, how­ever some of them are Ger­man. And here is also the link to a webi­nar that I have given in the con­text of the No Net Loss Con­fer­ence (see my pre­vi­ous posts: BBOP holds first No Net Loss Con­fer­ence and No Net Loss Con­fer­ence Con­clu­sions and Sum­mary are out) — How is a Habi­tat Bank estab­lished and main­tained under the Ger­man Impact Mit­i­ga­tion Reg­u­la­tion. The exam­ple of the Burg­berg Zschaitz Habi­tat Bank in Sax­ony:

Eng­lish pre­sen­ta­tions by Mar­i­anne Darbi

2014_Wende and Darbi_London_NNL_Conference

2014_Darbi_Webinar Habi­tat Bank_NNL Conference

2014_Darbi_London_NNL Con­fer­ence

2010_Darbi_London_Biodiversity Off­sets

2010_Darbi_Habitat Bank­ing Brussels_20110706

2010_Darbi_Larnaca_Top Biodiversity_20100603


2010_Darbi_PLPR Com­pen­sa­tion Agencies_END



Ger­man pre­sen­ta­tions by Mar­i­anne Darbi

2010_Darbi_Wien Umwelttaggespräche_Biodiversität und Raumplanung_100527

2010_Darbi_Forschungsprojekt zur Kom­pen­sa­tion von Eingriffen_MDarbi

2009_Darbi_Vilm_Voluntary Bio­di­ver­sity Offsets

2009_Darbi_NABU Fachgespraech_090504_MDarbi


2009_Darbi_Flächenagenturen_Präsentation BMU_FA_IOER_091110_MDarbi





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