Conference on Ecological compensation in Sweden (Nov 18, 2015 in Stockholm)

ekologisk kompensationToday I want to share with you some  short infor­ma­tion on a few past and future events you might be inter­ested in. The first one is a con­fer­ence on eco­log­i­cal com­pen­sa­tion in Swe­den, jointly organ­ised by con­sul­tancy Enetjärn Natur and MijöRap­porten. I have been invited to speak at this event on the expe­ri­ences and lessons learnt from the Ger­man impact mit­i­ga­tion reg­u­la­tion and habi­tat bank­ing and I am very much look­ing forward.

Para­dox­i­cally I pro­mote all sorts of events here on the Bio­di­ver­sity Off­sets Blog, but tend to for­get those which I am per­son­ally involved in — yes, the oth­ers I will post shortly after this actu­ally fall into the same cat­e­gory. This is a shame as I am con­vinced that they are some of the most excit­ing ones (oth­er­wise I wouldn’t go there, right?). For the “Ekol­o­gisk kom­pen­sa­tion” con­fer­ence in Stock­holm next week I am sure this is a hun­dred per­cent true. The fact that it is already full booked is an indi­ca­tor that bio­di­ver­sity off­sets are indeed en vogue also in Swe­den now and I am very much look­ing for­ward to wit­ness the state of the art and cur­rent dis­cus­sion there! See all organ­i­sa­tional infor­ma­tion below (you can still reg­is­ter for the wait­ing list). See also all updates online and have a look at the pro­gram. The con­fer­ence will be in Swedish with some inter­na­tional speak­ers (includ­ing Guy Duke and Michael Rademacher). Vi ses!

Date: Wednes­day, Novem­ber 18, 2015

Time: 8:15 am — 4:45 pm

Loca­tion: Spår­vagn­shal­larna, Birger Jarls­gatan 57 A, Stockholm

Fee: Ordi­narie pris: 4 900 kr exkl. moms. Kon­fer­en­savgiften inklud­erar måltider under dagen samt full­ständig dokumentation.

See also my related post here on the Bio­di­ver­sity Off­sets Blog: Habi­tat bank­ing — Futures for market-based solu­tions for bio­di­ver­sity to year 2030 — new report by Enetjärn Natur (in Swedish).

Infor­ma­tion on the Work­shop

Ekol­o­gisk kom­pen­sa­tion och värder­ing av naturkap­i­tal är ett snabbt växande kom­pe­ten­som­råde. Missa inte chansen att lära dig mer – för nu ska näringsliv, kom­muner och organ­i­sa­tioner på all­var börja tillämpa detta i praktiken!

Genom aktuella fall­studier från före­tag, kom­muner och länsstyrelser ger kon­fer­ensen exem­pel på olika sätt att arbeta med ekol­o­gisk kom­pen­sa­tion och även en bred överblick av utveck­lin­gen inter­na­tionellt och i Sverige.

Mål­grupp: Håll­barhet­sans­variga inom näringsliv, miljöchefer i offentlig sek­tor, ekologer på före­tag, experter på departe­ment och myn­digheter, miljöekonomer, miljöjuris­ter med flera.



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