Cactus status post #12

That’s been another very intense month. I wrote and restruc­tured a lot and also had a meet­ing (or you may call it eval­u­a­tion) with the advi­sory board of my PhD project: I was quite pro­duc­tive and things went rather well and they will now decide on fund­ing for final six months — crazy when the end of such a long jour­ney comes in sight… I now also have to deal with some organ­i­sa­tional stuff, e.g. where to pub­lish my the­sis and I am look­ing for a sec­ond advi­sor.

The cac­tus is still doing good — now in com­pany with some more suc­cu­lents (sadly the cucum­ber plant almost died of some illness).

July update:

Cac­tus: 70 cm / PhD: 305 pages

2015, June:

Cac­tus: 66 cm / PhD: 205 pages

2015, May:

Cac­tus: 61 cm / PhD: 181 pages

2015, April:

Cac­tus: 53 cm / PhD: 171 pages

2015, March:

Cac­tus: 49 cm / PhD: 153 pages

2015, Feb­ru­ary:

Cac­tus: 47 cm / PhD: 145 pages

2015, Jan­u­ary:

Cac­tus: 42 cm / PhD: 139 pages


Cac­tus: 39 cm / PhD: 106 pages


Cac­tus: 37 cm / PhD: 94 pages


Cac­tus: 35,5 cm / PhD: 90 pages


Cac­tus: 33 cm / PhD: 83 pages


Cac­tus: 30 cm / PhD: 53 pages

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