SHORT INFO: The battle of Lodge Hill (part 8) — good news to end your week

lodge hillWhat’s it about in short: con­tro­versy on the poten­tial off­set site of Lodge Hill (Kent, UK)

When was it released: Feb­ru­ary 13, 2015

By whom: Mar­tin Harper, RSPB

More info:

Short extract:

[…] the Gov­ern­ment has decided to call in for pub­lic inquiry an appli­ca­tion to build 5000 homes on Lodge Hill, a Site of Spe­cial Sci­en­tific Inter­est, in Kent.

Not only did the Government’s own statu­tory advi­sor, Nat­ural Eng­land, seek a call in, but 12,400 peo­ple con­tacted min­is­ters to express their out­rage and con­dem­na­tion that the nation’s finest nightin­gale site had been con­sid­ered for devel­op­ment with­out pub­lic scrutiny.

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