SHORT INFO: Deberían las organizaciones conservacionistas tratar a la naturaleza como capital natural? — Should conservation organizations treat nature as capital?

2015_10_07_capital-naturalWhat’s it about in short: dis­cus­sion on the role of nature con­ser­va­tion orga­ni­za­tions towards nat­ural cap­i­tal (orig­i­nally writ­ten by Jacob Sal­cone form IUCN Oceania)

When was it released: Octo­ber 7, 2015

By whom: Mer­ca­dos de Medio Ambiente

More info: (in Span­ish) and (orig­i­nal arti­cle, in English)

Short extract:

Jacob Sal­cone, econ­o­mista de Recur­sos Nat­u­rales de la UICN en Oceanía, com­parte en el blog del Foro Mundial sobre el Cap­i­tal Nat­ural un intere­sante artículo en el que reflex­iona sobre las razones por las que las orga­ni­za­ciones con­ser­va­cionistas deberían tratar a la nat­u­raleza como cap­i­tal natural.

“Ecosys­tem ser­vice val­u­a­tion and nat­ural cap­i­tal account­ing are still mostly locked in the ivory tower, aca­d­e­m­i­cally mature but not yet main­streamed into national plan­ning and pol­icy mak­ing. Con­ser­va­tion organ­i­sa­tions need to part­ner with national plan­ners and even pri­vate sec­tor devel­op­ers and entre­pre­neurs to bring the nat­ural cap­i­tal ini­tia­tives into practice.”

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