Cactus status post #9

For a week now spring is in full bloom here in Dres­den. This gives me so much energy that I feel busy as a bee. And the cac­tus too pushes some new sprouts — maybe it feels inspired by the tulips it is in com­pany with ;o)

April Update:

Cac­tus: 53 cm / PhD: 171 pages

2015, March:

Cac­tus: 49 cm / PhD: 153 pages

2015, Feb­ru­ary:

Cac­tus: 47 cm / PhD: 145 pages

2015, Jan­u­ary:

Cac­tus: 42 cm / PhD: 139 pages


Cac­tus: 39 cm / PhD: 106 pages


Cac­tus: 37 cm / PhD: 94 pages


Cac­tus: 35,5 cm / PhD: 90 pages


Cac­tus: 33 cm / PhD: 83 pages


Cac­tus: 30 cm / PhD: 53 pages

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