Cactus status post #6

Seen the actual num­bers (of pages text and cen­time­ters cac­tus respec­tively) you might sus­pect that these are the result of bright New Year’s res­o­lu­tions — how­ever, I am not so much into this kind of exter­nally imposed self-motivation. But time is run­ning and I need to push hard if I want to have a draft ready by the end of this year. Don’t know about the cac­tus’ inter­nal moti­va­tions or whether the plant is just enjoy­ing to con­tem­plate me work­ing and the win­terly sur­round­ing ;o).

2015, Jan­u­ary Update:

Cac­tus: 42 cm / PhD: 139 pages


Cac­tus: 39 cm / PhD: 106 pages


Cac­tus: 37 cm / PhD: 94 pages


Cac­tus: 35,5 cm / PhD: 90 pages


Cac­tus: 33 cm / PhD: 83 pages


Cac­tus: 30 cm / PhD: 53 pages


Cactus status post #6 — 1 Comment

  1. Both trends are lin­ear and sig­nif­i­cant:
    Cac­tus grows 2.3 cm/month (r2 = 0.99)
    The­sis grows 14.3 pages/month (r2 = 0.91)
    While the Cac­tus is expected to growth lin­early, the The­sis should asymp­tote at some point.

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