Cactus status post #1

Social media finally has got me and I want to share every­thing 😉 No, seri­ously, a cou­ple of months ago, right after return­ing back to work from mater­nity leave I have “adopted” a mis­er­able look­ing cac­tus (to be true, it is not a cac­tus, but an Euphor­bia). Cactus 3And actu­ally it did like the cli­mate in our “glasshouse” office (my col­league and me are shar­ing a south-west cor­ner bureau on the 2nd floor with two glass facades). As a result it has grown quite a lot and does look quite good now. I kept jok­ing which of it grows faster — my PhD or the cac­tus? So I have decided to use this as an indi­ca­tor for the advance­ment of my work and will post the results and photo evi­dence reg­u­larly — for my own stats and to give you a smile maybe: I am kind of bio­di­ver­sity off­set­ting my work by fos­ter­ing the growth of the cactus… 😉

So, here’s the first photo!

Cac­tus: 30 cm / PhD: 53 pages

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